$1,000 to Northern Illinois Food Bank

NIFB relies on the community at large and organizations like the Ladies Auxiliary to help feed neighbors in need. This year the Auxiliary created a fundraiser on the NIFB website. This way we could track our personal donations through our Fundraiser and when it reached $1,000 of personal donations, the LAX would donate a matching $1,000. Happy to report that reaching our goal didn’t take very long and a check was issued to the Food Bank in January 2024. We chose this charity as we knew that the need has grown over the last couple of years. In the fiscal year ended June 30, 2023, the NIFB served more than 500,000 neighbors each month, 30% more than last year and 75% more than pre-pandemic. For more information on the Northern Illinois Food Bank, go to https://solvehungertoday.org/.

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